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Miso Soup  GF

Japanese soy bean paste with tofu, seaweed and green onion  2

BBQ  Squid  GF

Whole BBQ squid served with special sweet sauce  12.95

Mentai Calamari

Deep fried marinated squid served with Japanese spices, masago and our special sauce  11.25


6 pcs octopus croquettes served with mayo and tonkatsu sauce  7.95

Goma-ae  GF

Spinach salad with sweet sesame dressing 5.95

Edamame  GF

Steamed green soy beans with sea salt  5.95


PORK  7.75     VEGGIE 7.75   V, GF

5 pcs of pan fried pork or vegetable dumplings 

Shrimp Dumplings

STEAMED 8      CRISPY 8.95

8 pcs of steamed or crispy dumplings

Spicy Agedashi Tofu  GF

Deep fried tofu with green onion, house special spicy sauce and tempura sauce   7.95

Prawn Sunomono

Sweet vinegar vermicelli noodles with prawns and cucumber  5.95

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