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Special Rolls


Brown rice is a rich source of dietary fiber and magnesium that helps to keep your heart healthy.

Vegetable Fantasy

Asparagus, cucumber, and yam, wrapped with avocado and tomato with house sweet sauce  14.95


Salmon, avocado and mango roll wrapped with yam tempura. Drizzled with spicy mayo and seaweed powder  16


Black rice packs some serious antioxidants and plant-based proteins.

Crazy Buster

Tuna and salmon tempura roll wrapped with tuna. Served with fire spicy sauce, garlic, sesame, and green onion  16


Prawn tempura, avocado, cucumber and cream cheese. Topped with chopped assorted sashimi and green onion. Drizzled with our spicy mayo. 18.95

Ghost Buster

Salmon and scallops paired with cucumber and mango, rolled and finished with avocado and lobster on top. Served with our house sweet sauce 18.50

Men in Black

Tuna, salmon, cucumber, and avocado rolled in Black rice! Wrapped with unagi and avocado. Served with seaweed sauce, mayo, parmesan and herbs  15

Mt. Fuji

Avocado, salmon, and mango roll wrapped with smoked salmon and avocado. Drizzled with Japanese mayo and garnished with tobiko  16.50

Cat's Eye

Salmon, prawn tempura and avocado encrusted in flaky panko. Topped with chunks of spicy tuna sashimi and garnished with tobiko and green onion  15.50

Sexy in the City

Mango and salmon roll wrapped with real crab and crunchy spicy red tuna. Served with unagi sauce, garnished with green onion  17.95

Crunch & Munch

Prawn tempura, masago and cucumber, wrapped with unagi and avocado. Served with unagi sauce and wasabi mayo  16.50


Avocado, cucumber, and imitation crab rolled with seared salmon on top. Also served with shredded yams and drizzled with spicy mayo and lemon herbs  15.50


Salmon, cream cheese and mango roll, wrapped with avocado and tobiko  15.50

Triple Threat

Prawn tempura, avocado and cucumber roll. Wrapped with lobster, wild salmon and ahi tuna. Drizzled with habanero sauce and our house spicy sauce 18.95 

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